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Mature Rap Arist. "Antitoxin Music":

I represent the 3rd Generation of Hip Hop. A generation that in todays society would almost seem as if we had been forgotten and are no longer listening to or buying music. On the contrary we are. In fact we're the ones streaming started with when it was new and illegal.  Alot of us brought the bootlegs  including myself. We like our concerts too,    it's just that a lot of today's Hip    Hop      doesn't   RELATE   to us.   No hate on the new generation I encourage you to keep  being siccessful and    also to do better. "With great power comes great responsibility".   It serves me no purpose  to    glorify    street life, disrespecting our women, drugs, and vilence. The generation I represent isn't out there in the streets no more for the most part.    We want to live full healthy lives and raise our families. We've had all of the trauma and drama and now we seek peace and the freedom to be happy, be healed, be in love, love ourselves, forgive ourselves, and recover from the wreckage of our past. That's where my music comes in. It's for not only my generation but for those who are healing, overcoming things, seek    encouragement, and hope, and still have fun while doing it. I hope my music fills some of that gap 

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